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The following messages are just a sampling of the kudos letters I've personally received through the years for my data recovery work.  And yes, these are all REAL people and not just the fictional fluff you might see elsewhere on the web.  When you actually do your best work for people, there's no need for such disingenuous fakery.  I greatly appreciate everyone taking the time to offer me an honest appraisal.  You can also read some of these original reviews here.

Robert did an excellent job recovering my data off of the original hard drive. His prices are so reasonable compared to some of these big companies. Robert is so professional and is quick in finding a solution that works for you and your needs.

Cynthia Green

Buford, GA

June 7, 2024


I was devastated when I had no success opening the images on my external hard drive. It was making a soft humming sound and my computer didn't recognize it. I called several companies and was hesitant to send the hard drive to them via mail due to the cost and no guarantee of a successful outcome.

I read the reviews for Bonafide Data Rescue and decided to contact Robert! Best decision ever!!!! His expertise and experience working in the field gave me hope that he would be able to help. The pricing for his services are extremely reasonable for all of the work he put into extracting the files from the drive. With over 80,000 files it was no easy task but he did it! It was a pleasure working with him and I would highly recommend him to anyone searching for a company to provide similar services.


Arlene Bran

Buford, GA

May 21, 2024

Robert did a great job on the recovery efforts for my hard drives! He was very responsive and accommodating, despite my computer illiteracy. Highly recommend Robert for data recovery purposes and needs!

Chris Taylor

Buford, GA

March 20, 2024

Highly recommend Bonafide Data Recovery for any of your data recovery needs. Robert was able to save my external hard drive data that I thought was completely lost to me. I think my case was an exceptionally tricky recovery job as it required several parts and many troubleshooting approaches. However, I really appreciate all the hard work and effort he put into recovering my data especially with all the hurdles that my case presented.


Additionally, Robert is honest, communicative, and kept me up to date at every step which was greatly appreciated! Robert was upfront every step of the way, from repair parts charges, to any labor fees, and at each step how realistic the recovery would be. Super thankful that Robert did not give up on recovering my data when other companies might not have gone the extra mile. I highly recommend Robert's services should you need them!

Grace Vick

Athens, GA

March 19, 2024


Robert at Bonafide Data Rescue single handedly saved 1 year's worth of work that otherwise would have never been recovered. I had a failing hard drive that, after talking to other data rescue companies, was unsure if I'd ever be able to fully recover. However, after bringing it to Robert he had it cooperating in no time. Even after the first method of recovery only recovered a portion of the lost data, Robert went to extra lengths using different methods of extraction to ensure I'd get as much of the hard drive back as possible. In the end he was able to recover 99% of my 2tb drive. I can almost guarantee no other company I talked to would have taken the time or care to have that high of a successful extraction. I highly recommend anyone in a similar spot I was in immediately contact Robert. You won’t be disappointed.


DJ Gravitt

Lawrenceville, GA

March 2, 2024


Robert was a life saver helping me restore some old data on a HD that had been damaged. Highly recommended, very responsive, professional, and client-service-oriented.

Willis Holder

Beaudry Engraving and Graphic Design

Lawrenceville, GA

December 11, 2023

Robert was extremely knowledgeable and informative during our stressful times while trying to restructure our server hard drive. He was continuously working to maximize the recovery of our data and put in extra hours to make it successful. He even recommended additional free software to help prevent this from happening again. We highly recommend Robert for all your IT needs.


Gary Bump

Beaudry Engraving and Graphic Design

Cumming, GA

November 8, 2023


Robert did a great job, & I went back for more help.

Tena Brown

J19 Global Entertainment

Lawrenceville, GA

October 23, 2023


He was very fast and good at fixing a damaged hard drive. Plus he's a good musician and easy to talk to!

Bernard Chung

Buford, GA

June 30, 2023



Robert is a real life saver! Local retail quote was 4 times higher for the same data recovery. The customer service and professionalism is outstanding. I highly recommend Bonafide Data Rescue.

Samantha Vinke

Lawrenceville, GA

June 6, 2023



Robert saved so much data and business for me. Price was more than fair and there was consistent communication throughout the whole process!!

Ansleigh Rojas

Jefferson, GA

May 22, 2023


I'm so glad I found Robert at Bonafide Data Rescue. He is great at what he does and keeps you informed along the way. His pricing was lower than I expected for this level of expertise. I would definitely use him again if needed and highly recommend him to others!

Tamera Gardner

Flowery Branch, GA

March 27, 2023



Bonafide Data Rescue is a great company to go to if you need quick, friendly service. Robert was able to recover 10+ years of teaching resources and personal documents from an external hard drive, saving me lots of grief and work! He was very communicative and flexible throughout the entire process, including multiple follow-ups to make sure I had no issues and was satisfied. Definitely worth the price, and I will recommend Bonafide Data Rescue to anyone in need of such services.

Mary Faith Sparks

Flowery Branch, GA

March, 2023



So thankful to have found Robert! He was honest and upfront every step of the way. He successfully helped us retrieve data from an old drive where other techs had not been able to. Thank you for your patience and help!

Suzette Rodriguez

Duluth, GA

February 26, 2023



Rob @ Bonafide Data Rescue saved my data! Rob was super helpful explaining everything about the process and was honest and realistic about the chances of recovery based on my description of what was going on with the failing hard drive. He kept me updated throughout the process after receiving the drive, and thankfully was able to restore all of my data on the 8 TB external drive for a very fair and competitive rate, definitely less than what I was thinking I might have to pay for the service. He was very clear and upfront on pricing and there were no hidden fees or upselling. I have recommended Rob to others and they have been very pleased with his service and rates as well.

Anton Samford

Decatur, GA

February 27, 2023



Robert is experienced and professional. He communicated with me every step of the way and worked incredibly fast! I would definitely recommend him to others.

Aleece Stallings

Lawrenceville, GA

October 16, 2022

I highly recommend Bonafide Data Rescue for anyone that is in need of personal data recovery services. My wife's external hard drive that contained our entire picture \ video gallery covering the last decade + began failing. After doing a bunch of research I found that most "so called" recovery services were less than reputable, and those that were "above board" were charging outrageous amounts for their services. Most appeared to be more focused on large volume data recovery jobs than assisting everyday individuals with their personal data recovery.

Bonafide Data rescue was the answer I was looking for!! Great service, Great price, and Great results! If you have a problem with any of your storage devices and you think all is lost, call Bonafide Data Rescue and get that data BACK !!

Dave Doster

Lawrenceville, GA

September 22, 2022



Robert truly saved me from losing 8 years of business. He was so genuine and willing to find everything I needed. I can’t thank him enough! He also does not rip you off at all. I felt like he undercharged me for helping me so much. I will refer him to everyone I know!

Chanler Phelps

Atlanta, GA

September 19, 2022



Working with Robert was a pleasure, it was detailed, helpful and very communicative. Had an issue with my laptop and he got straight to work on it and was very attentive and gave great advice. Will definitely work with him again.

Nicole Mangray

Atlanta, GA

September 18, 2022



Robert was a lifesaver for my friend. One place told us it would cost $1,000 to ATTEMPT to recover data. Looked around and found Robert. He was amazing. He helped recover all of my friends data and did not cost a huge amount. Would definitely recommend Robert to anyone needing his services.

Jeremy Carney

Flowery Branch, GA

July 22, 2022


Robert did an excellent job of recovering deleted files from my laptop. He worked hard to ensure the maximum possible recovery and kept me informed throughout the process. I highly recommend his services!

Trix Peck

Lawrenceville, GA

June 3, 2022



Robert saved me much grief.

I needed some files on a hard drive that had crashed last year for an IRS audit. I didn't recover the data sooner because the quotes I received were expensive. I found Bonafide Data Rescue through Google search. I was a little concerned to work with a company I didn’t really know, but I was desperate.

However, working with Robert put me at ease and made me glad I chose Bonafide Data Rescue. Robert was very accommodating to my situation. He kept me informed with updates several times throughout the process. I was pleasantly surprised to receive the recovered files in less than 3 DAYS… amazing. It was almost a complete recovery of the drive and most importantly, all the critical data was captured. An added bonus, the fee for the total service was very reasonable…. much less than the quotes I received from other companies.

Robert, you have my deep appreciation and high recommendation for your services.


Frances Gumienny

Smyrna, GA

March 3, 2022

Robert’s work is amazing. The project I handed over to him was a project that was stamped “impossible” by 3 other so called professional data recovery technicians. I thought my life was over, I practically gave up and then I got referred to Robert…  My data was recovered fast, and efficient not leaving out the price I paid was cheaper than other estimates I had received before. I think my mother board was from the 1900s and everyone else ran the other direction when they saw it. I am super happy all of my data was recovered and I can continue to do my work. I will recommend with high stars Robert at Bonafide! AAA+!!!!


Ivette Cortiella

Build a Force

Miami, FL

March 3, 2022



Excellent service and in a timely fashion. Robert even said that he could have the data recovered by the weekend if I needed it that soon. I'll be going back to Bonafide Data Rescue next time I need data recovered.


Caleb Phillips

Suwanee, GA

February 15, 2022


Robert was able to save six years worth of data from a drive I messed up at the fraction of the price of the competitors and also did the favor of transferring all my stuff into a new drive with no extra cost. Highly recommended.

Jeremy Bartlett

Buford, GA

December 28, 2021



I am very pleased how Bonafide Data Rescue handled my data recovery. I highly recommend this company to anyone who need to utilize this type of service.

Kathryn Bell

Atlanta, GA

November 14, 2021



I reached out to Bonafide Data Rescue to try and recover the data from a hard drive that had failed on me several years back. The recovery required a donor drive that I was able to find inexpensively on eBay. Once I supplied the donor drive, recovery of the data was possible. The service I received was professional, with good communication on what the process entailed. Robert, the recovery technician was very knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the process and he had informed me he had been doing it for decades. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who has had a drive fail on them in the past or God forbid in the future. Five stars!

Tom Biggers

Dacula, GA

September 28, 2021



If your memory card is damaged this is the place to send it. Robert is a great guy, honest, thorough & will not feed you a bunch of nonsense. Unfortunately my card was too damaged to fix but Robert was honest once he inspected card & told me the bad news. He could’ve very easily led me down an expensive path, but he didn’t. I will always use him & refer any & everyone I know to him for data recovery. Thanks so much guys.

James Smith

Oldsmar, FL

September 14, 2021

I would HIGHLY recommend Bonafide Data Rescue for your data recovery. Robert at Bonafide was very professional, prompt and responsive to all my questions and concerns. He was very prompt in all the updates and notifying the status through the process. I had 4 hard drives in an external enclosure, which went out, and I was afraid it was going to cost me a lot. But, the pricing is quite competitive for the quality of recovery you get back. He also was honest to let me know that one of the hard drive didn't need any kind of recovery, since it was a blank disk, which I had forgotten about it, so he modified the quote from the initial quote and reworked the pricing. I have had to use data recovery in the past too, where I got a full dump on a spare hard drive of all my files and folders, whereas with Bonafide, I got most of my files in a very organized manner and in the folders that the files originally were. I didn't have to spend much time to go through all my files and folders to organize back again. I HIGHLY recommend Bonafide Data Rescue, am very pleased and satisfied with them.

Mehul Parekh

Suwanee, GA

September 13, 2021



In todays business, information and data are extremely important. We lost part of our data customers and contacted Bonafide Data Rescue to help us. We are very pleased and satisfied with all the work they did for us. Robert, we appreciate all your help.

Carlos Raul Sandino

Miami, FL

July 28, 2021


I had a great experience with, Robert, owner of Bonafide Data Rescue. My external hard drive was not working and needed the files ASAP. I was feeling a little stressed. Robert was professional and honest. He shared what he believed the problem was and what is would take to resolve it. He was RIGHT. He was able to "rescue" my files and transfer them to my new external drive. Thank you so much, Robert!!

LaShaya Hamilton

Lawrenceville, GA

July 27, 2021



Robert was fantastic! I reached out to him with a major emergency with needing my documents retrieved from my flash drive. He responded immediately and started on data recovery the same day. The turnaround was quick, and I was able to resume business as usual rather quickly. Thank you again Robert!


April Coleman-Bullard

Duluth, GA

June 19, 2021



I had a USB drive that failed and BDR was able to retrieve extremely important information.. Can't say enough good things...

Anthony Allen

Winston, GA

April 7, 2021



Saved a ton of money! Most importantly my data was recovered promptly and professionally! I highly recommend.

Mark Davis

Duluth, GA

April 7, 2021



Robert recovered years of family photos and records with unrivaled speed and professionalism. Glad I reached out to him -- he did in days what larger businesses quoted would take weeks to do.

Victor Lane

Buford, GA

April 7, 2021



I have used Bonafide for 2 different projects and have been very happy with both projects. Robert's skill, trustworthiness and willingness to go above and beyond is a welcome relief, especially when you aren't able to do the business locally.

Linda Braithwaite

Trinity, FL

March 2, 2021



When I found my Toshiba external hard drive would not connect, Toshiba gave a couple of references to companies (prices started at $750 and up). I found Robert's company though a Google search. When I contacted Robert for a quote through his website, he responded quickly. When I forwarded Toshiba's warranty instructions, he confirmed being able to follow their specifics. I was glad he was local, as I was able to hand him the hard drive, and a new one for the copied files. He kept me well informed, confirmed his quote would be the cost, and sent the invoice through email. I was glad to have it back within a week, even during the holidays. Thank you, Robert.

Tien Kim (fomerly Pham)

Lawrenceville, GA

January 19, 2021



Robert was able to recover all my doctoral papers including my dissertation from 5 1/4" floppies, and I can now write the second edition of a book, which is part of the information he retrieved. I really enjoyed everything about my dealing with Robert, and I will definitely use him again if I need something rescued.

Doc Golden

November 23, 2020

I cannot recommend this company enough. They replied to my request in less than one hour explained everything thoroughly and gave me a firm quote upon receiving my data. The turnaround time was super quick and their services were effective and efficient. 5 stars for excellent communication and attentiveness. Thank you so so much!!!

Karen Cano

Plantation, FL

October 18, 2020


We were going to lose a lot of data. Other firms wanted to charge us a very large amount. Bonafide did the job for half the price and we got everything that could be recovered back. Robert did a fantastic job and really went above and beyond. If this ever happens again he will be our first and only call.

Bobbie Weldon Canada

Smiths Station, AL

August 26, 2020



Fast, responsive service that was goal oriented and cared about the outcome from the beginning. Highly recommended to anyone needing recovery services, especially in a pinch.​

Nathaniel Budde

Athens, GA

August 5, 2020

Robert at Bonafide was professional and helpful. He patiently answered my questions about any concerns I had making me feel comfortable with the process and that my data would be safe. He kept me updated with information, quotes and estimates, and followed up to make sure I got what I expected. I highly recommend the services of Bonafide Data Rescue.

R. Ezell

Buford, GA

August 4, 2020



He was very helpful with restoring my data to my failed external hard drive! I dj and lost tons of music but luckily ... it Only took less than 24 hours to fix. He’s real responsive to emails and constantly follows up with updates on the status of your repair. Will definitely recommend to anyone who needs their data rescued!

Ralph Russell

Atlanta, GA

July 23, 2020

HUNDREDS of my pictures and files were "trapped" on an internal hard drive that I took from my deceased laptop back in March or April. A large portion of the pictures were my main priority as I needed them for YT videos. I first sought out a company that was ready to charge me a fortune for the work (Nearly $2000. "Bye Felicia"). Then, I contacted Bonafide Data Rescue and a very professional man named Robert! I told him the situation, what I needed and what the other company had been about to charge me. He gave the drive a few overs after I sent it to him via mail and I agreed to have him attempt the recovery process. T


hough it took over a month to complete (due to the HD having a bit of internal physical but not extreme damage), it was worth the wait to know that more than 95% of my files had been salvaged! Additionally, I was told part of the reason the wait was so long was that Robert wanted to make 100% sure he was able to retrieve ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING he could before declaring the recovery a success. Even paying for the services was a delight, just so long as I could have what I needed back! SOOOOOO very happy with BDR! Definitely doing business with them again! :)

Leslie Craig

Cornelia, GA

July 19, 2020

First, I highly recommend Bonafide Data Rescue without reservation. The company provides expert data recovery services at very reasonable prices with exceptional client service. Robert Dwyer was passionate about recovering my data, highly successful in doing so, and was a real pleasure to work with throughout the process.


I checked out 8-10 data recovery services before deciding to go with Bonafide Data Rescue. Their generally exorbitant prices, sometimes arbitrary or bizarre policies (e.g., "Our recovery fee includes keeping your original drive" or you can *buy* it back for $35"), and form letter responses to questions made me feel like a "Case #," not a client. Robert at Bonafide took a refreshingly different approach to the data recovery process. His level of personal investment in recovering data rivaled the intensity of effort he would put into recovering his own. In other words, he puts himself in your shoes and uses his knowledge, experience and tools to recover as much as reasonably possible.


Bonafide offers outstanding value for the incredibly personalized data recovery services it offers. There were no attempts to "upsell" additional services; in fact, Robert said he could continue to do additional work in an attempt to recover more files but advised *against* doing so because the cost/benefit didn't make sense. Willingness to forgo profits when it is unlikely to benefit the client speaks volumes about the integrity of his business practices and reflects well on his character.


Actions speak louder than words. I could give more examples that speak to the integrity and exceptional data recovery capabilities of Robert Dwyer. However, I think I've covered enough to illustrate how well Bonafide treated me as a client and why I enthusiastically recommend their services.

John G. Alexander

Sandy Springs, GA

June 30, 2020





Thanks as well with helping me set up a good back up system!  Everything is going swimmingly! I have been backing up everything to the two external drives weekly, plus now I’m also backed up on BackBlaze (that happens automatically). It takes very little time to do the backup.

You have been patient, kind, and pleasant. Couldn't ask for better!

Gail Bassett

Hoschton, GA

June 23, 2020



My Dell computer had two hard disks formatted in a Raid array, which made it more difficult to salvage the date, but Robert was able to evaluate them and get back to me quickly with the prognosis and cost to recover my data. He was able to determine which of the two physical disks was bad, but was able to nurse it along and recover the data from the two disks in a Raid array. He was great with communicating with me and gave me at least 99% of my files. This included years of family pictures and all of my family financial records. I highly recommend him if you have important files on your crashed disk drive.

Joe Willard

Cataula, GA

April 16, 2020



I was frantic when I realized that I mistakenly reformatted our external hard drive from a Mac format to
Windows, resulting in the complete deletion of thousands of files. Photos from our children's first years,
wedding photos, decades of personal files, and (the worst of it), my graphic designer husband's years of
design work. I was beyond worried that these were gone forever.

After talking to a "big box" shop about recovery (and feeling uneasy about their capabilities and price), I
was VERY lucky to find Robert and Bonafide Data Rescue. After our initial conversation, I had an
immediate sense of hope and relief. Robert clearly showed his grasp on my situation and it was obvious
that he was beyond knowledgeable in data rescue. His communication skills were superb (which helped
ease my worries even more), and he was able to recover our data in a very short amount of time. On top
of the recovery of the files, these were restored in their original organized folders, as well.

Erica Allen

Cumming, GA

March 24, 2020



Due to a computer hard disk problem, all my data files got wiped out. I looked for data recovery professional help and contacted Bonafide Data Rescue due to its 5-star rating. I spoke with the owner and operator of the firm (Rob) and after asking a number of questions I decided to give Rob the work; I was not disappointed, and the 5-star rating is well deserved. My files were restored within a 2-day turnaround time frame, although Rob was under the weather with a cold. Kudos to Rob, a true professional !!

Tony Pelliccia

Duluth, GA

December 18, 2019



Rob was very professional, extremely good at data recovery! Has done a lot of different recoveries for me and all were fantastic. I had tried other companies and Bonafide was the only one that could handle all my needs. Highly recommended!

Edward "Chef Ed" Fluck

Duluth, GA

November 15, 2019



I highly recommend Bonafide Data Rescue. Last month my external hard drive crashed out of the blue. I had everything on there. All of my own work for my business, my t-shirt design art, my client's work - everything. I do graphic and website design. I panicked and rightfully so.

I went to Best Buy's Geek Squad and they could not help me. I went to several computer repair places and they were not able to resolve the problem. I was told they partner with a company in California that can fix it bur would cost me upwards of $1600. I was beyond tears at this point and was more like sweating and hyperventilating at the thought of losing it all.

I began to search online and miraculously came across Bonafide Data Rescue. I called and spoke to Robert who was very impressive and assured me he had what it takes to fix the problem and at a cost better than anyone else I'd find. And he was less than an hour away from me. I met with Robert and explained the problem and gave him the damages device. In less than a few hours Robert was able to assess the problem and provide me with a professional quote for the repair that I was extremely happy with and at a fraction of the cost of everyone else I talked to.

Needless to say, all my data was saved and I was able to transfer the data to a new external hard drive as well as make several backups so this never happens again. Thank you Bonafide Data Rescue!!! You truly saved me.


Wesley Chenoweth

Grizzle Grafix

Athens, GA

October 26, 2019


HIGHLY recommend. We had ALL of our family pictures and videos on an older external hard drive for years. Wedding pics, baby pics, first step videos, first talking videos, ballet recitals, EVERYTHING!!! I thought it was time to make a 2nd copy on a newer external hard drive and when I went to copy all of our memories over, it just stopped working and the hard drive turned RAW. After trying everything, I thought I had lost all of our pictures and videos! I contacted Robert from Bonafide and he told me he would take a look and see if he could help.


I brought my hard drive over to him and he took the time and had the patience to work through a lot of issues with the hard drive and gave me updates throughout the whole process. After a few weeks he recovered pretty much ALL of my data. I cannot tell you how much I cried when I got home and saw all of the pictures and videos - 20 years worth that I thought were going to be lost forever. Thank you Robert and if you need data recovery, look no further!!!!

Molly House

Loganville, GA

August 26, 2019




Very professional, easy to work with. When I asked extra help, Robert was very willing to help additionally.

Jade Chu

Marietta, GA

August 25, 2019



Great Service and very reasonable cost for data recovery. Would highly recommend!​

Myles Fussell

Lawnside, NY

August 9, 2019

Extremely pleased with my experience. Price came in way below what those big name companies were charging, communication was excellent, work was fast, and he saved all my data from a physically damaged hard drive that I feared was unrecoverable. I hope I never need to do this again, but if so, I will go right back to Bonafide Data Rescue.


Scott Jeffries

Portland, OR

July 9, 2019



Rob - Final report - The pictures and documents have been rescued and uploaded to the cloud. You were spot on, 99% were fine, the only damaged ones were the very last set she moved from the camera to the hard drive. Well done. Thank you. You have a happy client.   I will keep your contact information for other who might need your service.

Byron & Teresa Billingsley

Seatac, WA

May 4, 2019



Awesome data recovery expert!

Gary Helm

Cumming, GA

April 22, 2019




The experience of data recovery is only a good one when your key data is recovered. With the variety of today's data storage available, it's difficult to find a company that can cover them all. This company does it.

Thomas Machin

Mage Productions

Avon, IN

April 21, 2019



I lost 2 TB of data on a corrupted hard drive. This included 1200 photos of a wedding that the couple had not yet received. Robert identified the problem and recovered the corrupted files, all the while maintaining open and regular communication with me. He truly saved the day! I highly recommend his services.

Renard McGhee

Easley, SC

April 20, 2019



Bonafide Data Rescue receives 5 stars for excellent service, excellent communication (very rare these days), excellent response time, and was able to recover our data when another data recovery service was not able to recover our data. Thank you so much Bonafide Data Rescue!

Chris Owen

Forest, VA

March 5, 2019




Excellent data rescue company. Robert D is an utmost professional with clear communication, setting expectations and delivering to what he says. Absolutely delighted to have my data rescued from a very qualified and experienced individual who knows his stuff and genuinely wants to help people those in need. Thanks, Robert.

Vishal Shenoy

San Ramon, CA

January 27, 2019



Excellent service and communication. From beginning to end.

Sufiyan Patwa

Lawrenceville, GA

January 11, 2019



This is the second time that I've worked with Robert and both have been extremely successful! The first was with a hard drive and this past time was a micro SD card. Process was smooth with a quick turnaround time. Also pricing was fair. Definitely will recommend to friends and family. Thanks Bonafide Data Rescue!


Jeff McKenzie

Grand Blanc, MI

January 10, 2019


My experience with Bonafide Data Rescue was great. This is a very professional organization that kept me updated on the status of my project and was patient when I could not respond right away. I was able to get all my photos and documents back after my phone was damaged by water. Use this company with confidence.


Kristine Kohlbrecher

St. Louis, MO

December 19, 2018



Very knowledgeable and affordable company! The owner is a very nice and polite guy and took really good care of my data recovery needs for a great price! A flash drive crapped out on me with some important data on it and he recovered everything in a timely manner. I'll definitely be doing business with him again!

Brandon Owens

Lawrenceville, GA

December 4, 2018



I had erased 15 years of pictures and documents on my external hard drive.  Bonafide Data recovered everything. I like the way Robert kept me in the loop of what he was doing he also gave me some advice on backup software.

Doug Jones

Lawrenceville, GA

November 30, 2018



The service provided by Bonafide Data Rescue left me beyond satisfied. Robert wasted no time recovering the data from my broken flash drive. He kept me informed of the procedures that would be used, trying the least expensive options first. He delivered results well before his projected date and went the extra mile to provide the very best customer service.

Jimond Pugh

Loganville, GA

November 4, 2018



Robert Dwyer did an awesome job to help with my computer needs. He was responsive and provided a quick turnaround. I would use his services again.

Melissa Levy

Cumming, GA

October 23, 2018



I thought I had lost 20 years’ worth of personal data on an external hard drive. Robert was very persistent and was not satisfied with recovering “most” of my files. He tried another strategy and recovered all of my files. Very quick, and at a reasonable price. Thank you for all your help!

Dana McKee

Dacula, GA

October 2, 2018



Robert was the best! I had a 6 year old MacBook that had locked me out of my hard drive. He was able to recover all of my data. So happy to have all my photos and important documents rescued. He was so quick at such a reasonable price!! I brought him my laptop on a Thursday and it was complete the following Monday. 10/10 would recommend for all your data recovery needs!

Alexis Schuster

Alpharetta, GA

September 13, 2018



Great customer service.  Robert was such a big help.  Thank you!

Brenda Bahamonde

Lilburn, GA

August 31, 2018



Had a laptop with blue screen of death that I was unable to recover using MS tools.  Was concerned about handing my laptop with personal info, photos, etc. to an unknown service, so started asking people in IT field and finally found someone that recommended Bonafide.  Bonafide successfully extracted my data at a favorable price compared to quotes I was seeing online.

Jerry Jochim

Suwanee, GA

August 27, 2018



What a fantastic job!  Without your work, I would have had to spend years reconstructing my books and plays!''


Fern Overbey Hilton

Kingsport, TN

August 24, 2018

Robert has been helping me with my business for years, best at his job in the business 😊. Got me out of a lot of jams with client data recovery projects, and great guy 👍.

Russell Johnson

Mobile Tech Services

Bogart, GA

August 16, 2018



Bonafide Data provided excellent customer service and follow up. They went above and beyond what I expected. I would highly recommend them for your data recovery needs.

Reagan Givhan

Fairburn, GA

July 20, 2018



I originally contacted Robert based on a recommendation, but will continue to depend on his services because he proved to be knowledgeable, personable, and honest. I highly recommend Rob and Bonafide Data.

Ed Sauls

Gainesville, GA

July 6, 2018



I've known Rob for more than 10 years and he always done an outstanding job. He has recovered several hard drives for me over the years and has always been very professional and had a great recovery rate. He has always made sure to get all the files my customers needed. Good Luck with the new business!

Wes Dorsey
Forsyth Fix-It, LLC

Cumming, GA

June 20, 2018


We experienced very responsive service and our needs were absolutely met.

Mark Richardson

Web Industries

Suwanee, GA

June 18, 2018



Working with Bonafide Data Rescue to get my drive information back was AMAZING! They retrieved all my data within a few days and kept me updated with the progress. Even afterwards showed me how to pull my data! Thank you so much.​


Winnie Sahni

Sahni Enterprises

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June 18, 2018



These are some older letters of praise that received prior to establishing Bonafide Data Recovery.  During this era, I was managing a corporate owned data recovery lab, but also doing much of the hands on recovery work as a technician.




Thank you so much for all you were able to recover!  We are back up and running.  Everything breathed a sigh of relief when all the data was back in place, and available for access.  You guys are TOPS!!!


Mary Carr

Westside Schools

Jonesboro, AR

March 8, 2016


I've told everyone before what an excellent job you guys did with our original data loss, I'll be sure to include your spectacular help to the story.

Martin Zeccola

Trinity Tiles and Floors

Lawrenceville, GA

January 21, 2016


Just wanted to send you a big Texas "THANK YOU"!  The drive arrived and I couldn't be happier.

Pam Durham


October 2, 2014


A HUGE THANKS for your work!! I am so relieved to have my personal financial records restored!! Plus the hundreds of photos among other things.

Faith Lapp

Quaker City, OH

February 20, 2013


I'm happy to have my files back! While I've not verified that I have 100% back, I seem to have everything I wanted and haven't found anything missing, so you delivered on your promise and I'm very grateful.


Cokey Ellerbe

Atlanta, GA

January 15, 2013


It actually worked out well. One of the things I forgot to mention in my initial letter to you was that the recipient of this hard drive is also an EMS responder and Police Dispatcher in Union Beach (where 1700 of their 2200 homes were either fully destroyed or seriously damaged in some way). While her home was falling apart w/personal items floating out into the street & people were running out, she was helping in multiple capacities to assist others in need. So, needless to say, your extraordinary efforts have not been wasted and have truly gone to an extremely deserving person.


When my friend received the results of your hard work in the thumb drive (as well as a picture from the drive I framed for her), all she did was cry for about 5 minutes before she could even say anything! Based on that, I think it's fair to say she was ecstatic with it!


Thank you again for all of your efforts.


Mary Gilly

Hazlet, NJ

January 15, 2013


[This recovery was of a water damaged laptop that was washed underneath a house by floodwaters caused by Hurricane Sandy.]


“Robert - A colleague of mine was able to repair the hard drive, and I have successfully accessed my lost files. The image that you are saving for me can be destroyed.”


Thank you for your hard work and your patience. I appreciate the level of professorial rapid service and honesty that you have extended to me. Though I did not use your service, I would certainly recommend your company to anyone who finds themselves in situation I was in.


Marco Fedeli

Atlanta, GA

June 12, 2012


Robert - Just a note of thanks for all the hard work from you and your staff to recover CSC’s data.  It was with much joy last night that I restored the data to their financial database and to their working directories.  Today they confirmed that everything was back in place for the last 40 days and we were only missing one day of the database (it had backed up at 2am and went down later that day at 4:15 pm).  They spent today recovering that one day before starting input again.


I am also glad that we met personally.  Please feel free to send me a reseller agreement and to stay in touch.  I really would like to have you come speak at some of the groups and conferences that I am a part of here in the area.


Michael Barker

C4 Group, Inc.

Columbus, GA

August 3, 2010


Hi Robert - I just wanted to take a second to thank you so very much for recovering my files so quickly and efficiently!!  I cannot tell you how excited I am to have everything again!!  I'll go through everything more thoroughly over the next week or so, to be sure there is nothing missing. Thank you again - I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

Hillarie Collins

Blacksburg, VA

May 21, 2007

Hey Robert.  Those files all look great.  That's exactly what I needed, thank you.  You can tell the lab to finish the recovery.  I appreciate the amount of effort you and your company have put into this project. I will always consider you first for future business and will recommend you to anyone looking for your services.  Thanks again.


Scott Wesley Simpson

Matthews, NC

April 18, 2007


Dear Robert.  We will likely never meet, but I owe you my profound gratitude.  I am so grateful to you for your willingness to see how important this was to me and to keep trying when all else looked grim.  It would have been so easy for you to say, “Sorry ... we really tried everything.”  Because I would have had no choice but to accept that.  If you ever have wondered if what you do makes an impact in people’s lives — you can be assured that it does.  You were truly an answer to prayer.  Many, many thanks.

Marianne Richmond

Minneapolis, MN

September 20, 2006


Robert Dwyer went way above my expectations. He spent a lot of time with me and finally got me through the worst. The remade the data disk and I was able to get out with 98%. We were set back a couple of days, but managed to survive.


I thought the original quote was awfully high, still do. Was it worth it? Yes, Yes, Yes.


They did more than I ever expected, and it was well worth it. To rebuild that much would have taken months, not counting the part we could restructure. Plus most of the cheaper services would require shipping the drive out of the country.


All of this occurred on 5/04/06 and was over and normal late evening 5/08/06.  I should have been as prompt with this comment as they were with the recovery.  Thanks for a job well done.


James Lint

Lint Security

Gainesville, GA

June 21, 2006

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