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Why Choose Bonafide Data Rescue?

Experience: 15+ years working with most facets of professional data recovery, including physical hard disk, firmware and electronics repair, RAID recovery, logical recovery (deleted files & encryption), file system reconstruction and forensic analysis.  I've worked on roughly 5,000 data recovery projects up through June 2018.


As an experienced data recovery technician, I understand the necessity of choosing the best strategy from the start.  Often there are no second chances to recover a failing drive, as they can be in a fragile state once they begin showing symptoms of failure.  This is why it so important to choose the right company and technician from the start.  You may find that most of my competitors don't even list their employees names on their web site, let alone their credentials or experience levels.  At Bonafide, you will deal directly with the person performing the work and be able to discuss the case with them personally.



Success Rates: Since establishing Bonafide Data Rescue, my recovery success rate is currently at 88% (as of August 2018).  This number is based upon all approved recovery projects I’ve received since establishing my new company.  Prior to this, my recovery rate as a junior data recovery technician was initially 85% but gradually escalated to 90% after working for 13 years in this industry.

No company can guarantee a 100% chance for success in recovering data.  Anyone who claims otherwise is being disingenuous at the very least.  Unfortunately, there are many cases that must be deemed unrecoverable during the initial evaluation.  This is either because the media has become too damaged for repair, the original data has already been overwritten or there are simply no viable strategies available for the given scenario. 


Of all the projects I've received for evaluation, I would say that 15 to 20% of fall into this category.  Sometimes our clients will ask us to make our best efforts at recovery on highly difficult cases where the odds for success were slim to none.  Since this is not always possible to determine, we will still make our best efforts in situations where the data is especially critical OR where a slim chance is still better than none.

You’ll see a lot of companies offering up seemingly random or arbitrary percentages that never seem to change on their marketing materials.  I’d take most of these claims with a grain of salt.  Who knows how current these numbers are or what they are actually based upon?  Rather than relying on alleged success rates, focus instead on customer reviews on Google or Yelp.  This would provide you with a much more accurate barometer of how reliably they perform these services, as well as how well they treat their customers.



Customer Service: This is the key to any successful business.  EVERY customer is important me.  I do my best for each and every person I work with.  I take great pride in helping people solve their problems quickly, efficiently and affordably.  Often these projects become personal missions once I understand what is at stake for my clients.  No one wants to be kept waiting for answers or resolutions. Please read my testimonials page for some examples of my past engagements.  Also - be sure to check my Google reviews.



Speed:  Timing can be a key consideration for many of my clients in determining their emergency plan.  Server downtime means lost revenue to small and enterprise businesses.  While I.T. support staff or consultants can work quickly to repair and relaunch these failed systems, data loss can be an even more costly proposition when there are no recent backups of mission critical files or databases.

The value of data can quickly diminish once critical deadlines have already passed and clients are trying to determine what plan B looks like.  I will always do my best to recover and return client data as quickly as possible.  Bonafide Data Rescue does offer expedited services for these scenarios and will work overtime until the crisis has been resolved.  I have seen my share of endless nights and weekends doing my best to be a savior for one company or another.  And there's no better feeling than knowing I was able to snatch victory from the jaws of what could have been a bitter defeat.



Pricing: My aim is to offer fair, affordable and reasonable pricing to my clients.  My quotes will be lower than the going rates for you'll see from enterprise data recovery companies, who also require more money just to stay afloat.  Each project I receive is assessed for difficulty, timing considerations and any parts investments that may be required.  I do know for a fact that I'm often quoting half of what my competitors charge for essentially the same results.


I will also offer my best pricing up front, so I'm not as apt to play the "negotiation game" that so many others seem to engage in.  I'd prefer not to insult my clients by quoting sky high and then reducing the price drastically to prevent them from declining my quotes.  I'll consider each case thoughtfully and do my best to meet, if not exceed your expectations.

Integrity:  In this day and age, it seems that some people will literally say anything without having to back up their claims.  In my industry, you'll see SO many companies preaching to their customers about what they should look for in a data recovery vendor.  These articles pretend to be helpful, yet are ultimately self serving, boastful and not entirely accurate.

For instance, they often like to justify their higher pricing with fear tactics about not getting your data back if you choose a cheaper option.  Choosing a corporation or brand name will not guarantee the quality of their services.  In fact, you may find that some companies are happy to quote their work higher, yet later seem unmotivated to deliver results in a timely manner. 

Instead of allowing corporate entities to dazzle you with their gallery of smoke, mirrors and empty talk, consider for a moment that you simply need someone to solve a very specific problem for you.  Take the time to read their reviews and choose a provide you feel you can rely upon.

As a small business owner, I am directly accountable to my customers and will act accordingly.  Honor and integrity are important to me as I offer my services to you as a humble advocate for those who need their data loss problems solved.


I fully realize that words are just words until they can be followed up with verifiable actions.  Trust really shouldn't be granted until it has been earned.  It is my pledge to earn your trust one project at a time.  Bonafide Data Recovery isn't just a name.  It is the way I prefer to conduct my business - "in good faith".

Robert Dwyer


Bonafide Data Rescue

August 2018

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