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Getting Started


We will convert your digital audio to the format and bit rate of your choice.  The most critical choice is whether you want to save your music in a lossless or lossy format.  Then you should decide which file format suits your needs best, such as whether you are a PC or MAC user.  These decisions will also determine the size and format or the storage media you will need.


If you are interested in exploring your options or reading the finer details on how we will handle your collection, please read this article.​





For the last step, we would ask you to either purchase or provide the media of your choice for us to copy your extracted digital audio files to.   For analog transfers (such as vinyl or cassette), we do offer the option of transferring to CD-R media.


For larger, archival collections, we’d strongly recommend using an external hard disk drive.  We will  also copy to internal drives, SSD's, NAS, flash drives, or cloud storage accounts (Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP, etc.).

We DO NOT archive collections to CD-R / DVD-R / BLURAY type media due to the extra time this would require, as well as the relative unreliability of that media for long term storage.



Our standard turnaround for audio conversion services is typically 5 to 7 days, but will depend upon the scale of your requested project and our current in-house volume.  Please speak with our customer service if you require expedited service. 



To keep our prices competitively low, we ask that our customers cover all shipping related expenses.  It is your decision as to whether you want to ship your CD’s in their original jewel cases.  For larger quantities, we’d recommend using 100 ct Empty Cake Box/Spindles to ship just the original CD’s in.  You can always contact us for further guidance or advice on best practices for shipping your collection.  For more information on shipping, see our general shipping instructions here.


Once you’ve received your digitized audio collection, we recommend that you create a second copy as soon as possible in the event of media failure or accidental data loss.  We will retain a copy of your collection for 45 days which should allow you ample time to backup your files.  This is critically important as no digital media storage device can be considered completely reliable. 

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