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Our Story

Bonafide Data Rescue officially opened for business in June 2018 by Robert Dwyer, a long-time veteran of the data recovery business.  He started the Atlanta lab for a Canadian owned data recovery company in 2006, which he both managed and worked as the lead technician for nearly 15 years.  This also placed him in a unique position to learn almost every aspect of that business.  During his tenure, he managed both the administrative and technical sides of the office, while also serving as U. S. production manager (overseeing locations in San Diego, Houston and Armonk) for many years.


Robert was initially offered this opportunity to learn the art of data recovery in 2005.  This proved to be a fascinating and highly challenging adventure which quickly became a way of life for him.  He learned this trade while working alongside other gifted gurus in a "tight, but loose" environment that encouraged innovation and comradery.  Learning all of these different strategies for data recovery was akin to being a magician's apprentice - and often as secretive.


For the majority of his tenure, Robert was given enough latitude with his Atlanta operation that he was able to earn his own reputation for honesty and fairness with his clientele.  That said, he didn’t always agree with the owners of his company on their pricing and methods, but usually could find a middle ground between serving his customers and pleasing the owner(s).


When his former company came under Brazilian ownership in 2017, these differences became too profound to reconcile.  The new owner made changes that fundamentally changed the spirit and character of the company and its relationships to both employees and clients.  It became evident and obvious to Robert that he could better serve his customers and former clients by forming his own company. 


Bonafide Data Rescue was created to help customers overcome data loss effectively and affordably while preserving those values of honesty and fairness that was always central to Mr. Dwyer’s business approach.  We serve customers all over the United States and are just one phone call or e-mail away.  Contact us now to discover an honest alternative for your data recovery needs.

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