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Options & Pricing


Maybe you simply want to clean out your closets and get rid of those stacks of overflowing audio CD’s, yet preserve the music they contain?  We can help!

We offer conversion services from your original audio CD’s to the format of your choice.  The format(s) you choose should factor in their compatibility with the media devices you most commonly use and available media storage. 

We will convert your CD audio discs to digital for the flat, competitive rate of $.65 per disc.  (For collections larger than 500 discs, please contact us for volume pricing.)


If you have a number of audio or even concert recordings on DAT tapes or Minidisc's that are no longer accessible to you due to lack of equipment, we can also transfer these recordings for you.  Please contact us with the number of discs you have, as well as your preferences for transferring these files for you and we offer you a fair quote for these services.  Our quotes will mainly depend upon the amount of additional editing time your project will require.  Our best prices will obviously be for straight transfers, where you can do your own editing.


Are you one of those music lovers who still hasn't parted with their stacks of old vinyl LP's?  Maybe there are certain titles you've been unable to find through online services or have gone out of print?  Or you might be one of those audiophiles who prefers the sound of their records and would be interested in HD Audio transfers ?  Another reason might be a personally prized album that you'd like to put on CD for posterity and convenience?

Bonafide is now offering the option to convert your records to the digital format of your choice.  Each album will cleaned, digitally enhanced for optimal sound quality and tracked exactly as the original album was.  We are currently offering vinyl to CD transfers for $15 per title, but limited to one copy each (due to copyright considerations).

If you need to convert more than 10 titles, please contact us for volume pricing.  Also, call for pricing on converting to other digital formats (HD Audio, MP3, etc.) in larger volumes.  We will consider doing volume transfers at lower rates, especially if less audio editing work is requested, such as straight transfers to digital audio files.


There was a time when cassettes provided us with a cost-effective and inexpensive way of preserving our favorite music on "mix tapes" or maybe even captured personal memories that we wanted to keep for posterity.  Maybe you have a special collection of tapes that yo'd finally like to transfer to digital once and for all?  Whether this be for a library or a home user, tape to digital transfers can be important for liberating recordings that are still trapped in a less convenient analog realm.

Bonafide Data Rescue will transfer your tapes to the digital format of your choice, be it CD or digital audio files.  We will use calibrated tape machines to ensure that your recordings are the same speed as the original recording.  We can also use post-processing to correct these types of issues, in addition to normalization and hiss removal (if requested).  In addition, segments can be indexed for ease of access.

Our price for digital transfers of cassettes to CD (or digital audio) is $15 per tape.  This includes standard post-processing (indexing, hiss removal or other).  My current pricing schedule for audio cassettes is as follows.

1 to 5 = $15 per cassette ($75 for 5)
6 to 10 = $12.50 per cassette ($125 for 10)
11 to 20 = $10.00 per cassette ($200 for 20)
21 to 50 = $8.00 per cassette ($400 for 50)

We do repair broken cassettes (for our digital transfer service) for an additional $10 per title.  Cassette repairs without utilizing our transfer service are $20 per tape.


Also, we can do microcassette transfers as well.  Please contact us for pricing on microcassette conversions.

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