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Shipping Instructions

  • Place the media in an anti-static material or bag.  When wrapped correctly, this should also help shield the media from possible liquid contamination.  (We discourage using any type of plastic food storage bags due to their potential for electrostatic discharge.)

  • Wrap the media in a layer of bubble wrap, foam or any other anti-shock material to provide another layer of protection. 

  • Another optional recommendation it to place the wrapped media in a smaller box that is half the size of the shipping box

  • Choose a suitable box in good condition that is suitably thick to protect its contents.  Make sure it is large enough to provide some room for padding between the media and the exterior cardboard.

  • Label the box with your project number on the attention line and ship to the following address.


Bonafide Data Rescue

1475 Buford Drive


Lawrenceville, GA 30043

Attn:  Project

While we don't endorse any specific carrier, we do highly recommend that you obtain a tracking number.  When shipping an item that may later be eligible for warranty return, we also recommend purchasing enough insurance to cover the replacement value of the item you are sending.  We rarely encounters issues with shipping, but it's always a good idea to take these precautions.​

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