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Personal Data Recovery Services

Bonafide Data Rescue is the company you should call for personal data recovery services.  It is a priority for us to understand how this data loss event impacts you and how we can best serve you.  Whether it involves the inconvenience of having to recreate financial documents, creative projects or irreplaceable family pictures, we're here for you.

New customers often ask us whether we perform data recovery for private individuals, home users and consumers, or even grandmothers.  The answer is yes, yes and yes.  Our service offerings are certainly not limited to business professionals.  Most of us possess at least a few devices in her homes that hold data, such as our smartphones.  We commonly receive calls from home consumers whose personal data has become inaccessible to them for one reason or another.  If it's personal for you, then our mission also becomes personal.  We want to assist you in any way that we can to get your data back.


Our recovery lab is located near Atlanta, but we typically receive projects from all over the United States and beyond.  All you have to do is ship us your media and our data recovery specialists will evaluate it for free.  Once your evaluation has been completed, we’ll offer you a fair and competitive quote for our services. 


Once we have your confirmation, we’ll proceed with the data recovery process, which typically takes only 5 to 7 days. Our specialists will perform quality control checks and verify the recovered data with you before the project is copied to the destination media of your choice.  After we've received your payment, the recovered data will be promptly shipped (or transferred via Internet methods) to you.  

We always ask that you check the recovered data promptly after receiving it from us.  It is important that you confirm that your target data is present as described and that there are no problems with the destination media.  We would highly recommend that you copy the recovered data back to your computer or make a second copy to other destination media ASAP.


You should receive an e-mail from us within 30 days to follow up on the success of your personal data recovery services.  If there are any outstanding issues or concerns to address, this would be the time to address these.  We only retain our copies of the recovered data for one month, so it is imperative that you verify the data during this time. 


Having worked in this industry for the past 15 years, we've learned from the big mistakes that other professional data recovery companies can make.  Only exceptional companies will offer  responsive customer service, genuine concern and assistance beyond their own business interests and not be in a rush to take your payment.  These are the standards we strive for at Bonafide Data Rescue.  

Our reliability is evident in the quality of our work and the testimonials we regularly receive from customers. We always stand behind what we do and won’t quit on a project until we fully believe our best efforts have been made.    


The devices we recover include (but are not limited to):

  • Hard Disk Drives (internal and external)

  • Solid State Drives (SSD's)

  • RAID Disk Arrays

  • Smartphones

  • USB Flash Drives

  • ZIP Drives & Floppy Disks

  • CD’s & DVD’s

  • Tape Media

  • And just about any other device that holds data!

We recovery data from storage devices produced by a wide variety of manufacturers. So regardless of who made your data storage device, we can work on it.


Data loss from device malfunctions, fire and smoke damage, computer viruses, or other unforeseen circumstances shouldn’t keep you from your personal data. Give Bonafide Data Rescue a call at 800-507-3757 to speak with us about our personal data recovery services. We look forward to helping you quickly retrieve the data you need at a reasonable price.

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