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Bonafide Data Rescue adds new Audio Conversions service offering!

Vinyl LP collection

As of February 2019, I've decided to add a somewhat unique service that you probably won't see too many of my competitors offering - Audio conversions! It's certainly not uncommon for data recovery services to recover and convert digital files of differing types and file systems. But few (if any) companies in my industry have shown any interest in helping consumers deal with audio and video conversions. I suppose much of the reason for this has to do with profitability, as data recovery projects can be far more lucrative. Most companies that do this sort of work tend to specialize in doing only conversions or mass image scanning services.

This idea resonated with me a bit more personally due to my own long relationship with music. I've been collecting music since I was probably 10 years old, but have admittedly had a more voracious appetite than most. Through the years, I've acquired albums in various formats, including vinyl LP's, cassettes and CD's. I've also created a great deal of my own recordings on MiniDisc and tape formats. My prized and hard won collection seemed perfectly safe to me, until I began experiencing casualties due to heat damage, tape wear, scratched vinyl and CD's, and inevitable media degradation.

Thus my own personal long-term mission to preserve my audio collection began around 2000. This began with transferring my oldest cassettes and most prized vinyl albums. Through this process, I learned about the best ways to capture and process digital audio, while mastering my work to CD-R's, which seemed to be a relatively safe and stable format at the time. Only years later would I discover that select titles contained read errors or were completely inaccessible to me. And this what led me to acquire strategies for building a more secure digital music collection.

With the advent of such revolutionary audio formats as FLAC and MP3, music collections could be reduced to the size of an external hard drive (and even smaller now). The convenience of having nearly my entire my entire collection at my fingertips had almost an intoxicating power over audiophiles like myself. Gone were the clunky multi-disc changers that were so popular when Compact Discs were still very much in favor. Now entire collections could be sorted, indexed and played randomly by computers and media players. So began the next shift towards moving my own music collection from CD's to large computer hard disks.

My knowledge and experience in this area was something I'd literally taken for granted. It was only when an old friend of mine asked me how much I'd charge to convert his entire CD collection to MP3's that I recognized the value of this service for your average consumer or business. A lot of my fellow friends and collectors enjoy the challenge of doing such work for themselves, but these are definitely NOT your average people. In fact, most people probably wouldn't be willing to sacrifice so much of their personal free time to undertake or even figure out how to manage such an endeavor.

I've now decided to officially offer my personal expertise in this specialized field to those are interested in converting only specific recordings to those who need to convert larger collections to digital audio formats. My primary data recovery experience also provides an added advantage that other services probably won't have in terms of dealing with more advanced media problems. My prices have been scaled competitively for this specific industry. I'll be adhering to professional standards in all of my work, while adding those personal touches that let every customer know their patronage is valued.

For more information on this brand new service offering, please visit this link:

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