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Detect Hard Drive Issues Before Catastrophe Strikes


The work that you do on your computer is extremely important, so why leave potential hard drive issues up to fate? By the time your system starts behaving strangely or making odd noises, it may be too late to save your data! With Hard Disk Sentinel, you'll always have a complete overview of your hard disk drive's health, so you can spot potential problems before they result in an irrecoverable data catastrophe.


Hard Disk Sentinel is your key to identify, test, diagnose, and repair your hard disk drive and SSD.
With Hard Disk Sentinel, you can instantly see reports detailing the total health of your drive, including temperature, self-monitoring data, transfer speeds, and more. Any deviation in these factors could be an early warning sign of impending drive failure!


Hard Disk Sentinel also supports hard disks, SSDs, hybrid drives used internally or in external USB or e-SATA enclosures and RAID controllers.  If your data is important, you owe it to yourself to get a copy of Hard Disk Sentinel today!


Boasting the most sensitive disk health rating system ever, Hard Disk Sentinel Professional will let you know about potential issues far sooner than any other program on the market today. You even enjoy the benefit of having automatic and scheduled disk backup options,  which can work quickly to preserve your valuable bytes.



Award-winning Hard Disk Sentinel Professional offers complete data protection solution for all installed storage devices. No need to use separate tools to verify internal hard disks, external hard disks, SSDs, disks in RAID arrays, ind. SD cards as these are all included in this software.


Key features:
Constant disk monitoring
Disk tests to fix problems
Scheduled and automatic backup functions (PRO version)
Remote monitoring, advanced disk control and management features
Free life-of-product technical support and help
Lifetime License - no update or subscription costs





Hard Disk Sentinel for Windows (Trial version)

Hard Disk Sentinel for Linux (Free)

Hard Disk Sentinel for DOS (Free)





(These are discounted at 35% for Bonafide Data Rescue customers)

Hard Disk Sentinel Pro (1 PC license):


Hard Disk Sentinel Pro Family (5 PC license):

I'm proud to endorse Hard Disk Sentinel to my clients as I believe in and regularly use this product.  If you've ever experienced data loss or had a data storage device fail you, then you'll recognize the importance of having an early warning system for disk failure.  Most often, your operating system or computer BIOS won't notify you until it's almost too late, if at all. 


This software has already saved me several times, even notifying me that my main workstation drive was failing after installing it for the first time!  HDS also detected early problems with external drives that I've plugged into my system and bought me time to rescue my own data before these issues become more severe and difficult to cope with.

Many companies will partner with others simply for financial gain or commissions.  I will only feature products here that I would use personally and without reservations.  It was my idea to reach to János Máthé (CEO of Heartfelt Development Services) to express my interest in promoting his excellent software.

Hard Disk Sentinel should be considered essential for I.T. professionals who regularly have to monitor multiple computer systems and are responsible for maintaining maximum up-time for servers.  But such a monitoring tool should also be important to home users who are looking to protect their own personal data.  Everyone should still maintain best practices when it comes to backing up their data, but having Hard Disk Sentinel watching your disk drives will provide additional peace of mind.

Robert Dwyer


Bonafide Data Rescue

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